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If you have a business in Birmingham and need a website ?

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a very popular web design platform and it is used by millions. The team at Best Cheap Web Design Birmingham exactly knows how to get the maximum from this flexible and powerful content management system. So our WordPress websites are beautiful, functional and scalable.

With thousand of plugins blooming everyday and with the customization options developed by WordPress developers around the world, we now have the ability to do almost anything with WordPress. Whether it could an eCommerce website, portfolio website or an online booking system, WordPress has the ability to provide the functions you need. Since WordPress provide you full control of your website, you can add, edit or delete new content or products. You can also add new plugins to maximize your site performance.

Wordpress has strong customization ability. It is scalable with the future requirements. Generally wordpress stands out among other content management system. As a birmingham web design agency, we are capable of handling any type of project with wordpress. At Best Cheap Web Design Birmingham, we will add all required plugins for your WordPress website free of charge.


User-Friendly Design ?

User Friendliness of a website is critically important. If a website is not user friendly, then there is are high chances for visitors to be bounced off from that website. A website must always be focused on better user experience. Therefore, web designers must create user oriented designs.


With huge amount of plugins, We can create almost any type of a website using wordpress. It could be a blogging website, a portfolio, online booking system, affiliate website or an eCommerce website, no matter what the type of your website may be, Wordpress can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

Simple Administration

Administration panel of WordPress is incredibly easy. Back-end admin panel has all features and functions required to maintain your website smoothly. People love WordPress websites due to their simple administration capability. With wordpress admin panel, you do not need to hire someone else to manage your website. You can be the admin and you can easily maintain your own website without any difficulty.

Search Engine Optimization with WordPress Websites

With exclusive plugins such as Yoast, seo with WordPress websites can be incredibly straight forward. There other plugins such as all in One SEO but we recommend you Yoast plugin to the most. As a reliable and professional web design company, best cheap web design is pleased to install all required seo plugins into your website for you. Not only that, we optimise your website for search engines.


We always had this statement and we're keeping our promise. Beside a powerful yet easy to use elements, Kallyas has packed inside lots of sweet features that wait to be discovered.



Social Sharing Feature

All WordPress websites has social sharing ability. Social sharing ability is a must for a website and it has become crucially important factor for better search engine ranking. At Best Cheap Web Design Birmingham, websites we create using WordPress as the web design platform will have social sharing features.

Strong eCommerce Plugins

Woocommerce is the eCommerce plugin which was introduced to use with WordPress to create eCommerce websites. With million of open source developers around the world, woo-commerce are evolving day by day to provide an unparalleled service to its users. At Best Cheap Web Design Birmingham, we have the knowledge and experience to develop your eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce.Contact us today to get your eCommerce website done from us.

Multipurpose Platform

WordPress is a multipurpose web design platform. It has the ability to create almost any website using it. Future scalability of WordPress websites are incredibly high. Also WordPress sends platform updates straight to your website. So you can update your website with one click. The other advantage of using wordpress is the security. We can install third party plugins such as I-Theme security to enhance the security of your WordPress website.