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Terms That You Should Know In Web Designing

by Ricky Taylor / Monday, 19 December 2017 / Published in Website Design
Web Design Terms

There are words related to any field. Biology has biological terms, criminology has words related to criminology. Likewise web developers and designers have technical words which are related to IT. It is important for anyone to know these words before seeking assistance from web designers. Understanding the meaning of these words will enormously help you to communicate well with your web designers and developers. Therefore, we thought to provide you some important terms that we use in the life of day today web developing.

Domain Name

A domain name is use to define organization or other entity on the Internet. Actually domain name is a number. It represents an IP address. Since people are not good at remembering numbers, the entire IP address is represent using a name attached to it. Most domain name represent their purpose. For example, ".com" domains indicate commercial activities around the world, .edu is for educational services,.org is for organisations. These types of domains are called top level domains. There are country domain names representing each countries. (.co,uk,.in, ie, .fr,

Hosting Service

Web hosting server is a space that you will use to keep all your website files so that your customers can access your website on the internet. You can buy web hosting spaces from hosting space providers. There are many hosting space providers but choosing the right hosting provider is critically important. Some of the important factors that you should pay attention are hosting space, bandwidth, database space and support from the hosting company. By comparing all of these factors of different web hosting providers, you will be able to select the best hosting service provider to host your web files to run your business.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organizational details. To initiate secure session with the browsers, organisations or companies need SSL certificates. Normally a website URL is based on general hyper text transfer protocol( http) . Once the SSL certificate is installed, it becomes HTTPS which is the secured version of hyper text transfer protocol. So the web site domain will look like Once the secure connection is established, all the web traffic between web server and web browser will be secured. All data is encrypted before travelling over the internet. Browsers indicate if a website is secured using SSL certificate by changing the standard HTTP to HTTPS.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Have you ever wondered how to help more people to find your website? One of the best ways to do this is search engine optimisation ( SEO ). By today, there are over 13000000+ web sites in the internet. Your customers rely on search engines to find what they want. Some of these search engines such as Google and Yahoo are so good. Even though there are lots of search engines out there, about 83% of people around the world use Google. Researchers have found that over 95% of people who use Google click only on the first page results. Therefore, it is critically important for your website to be appeared on Google. Search Engine optimisation do take a lot of time and efforts.

Ecommerce Platforms

This section is only relevant to you if you are aiming to open an ecommerce website. There are number of different ecommerce platforms available in the market. But which one is best suitable for your business? It is obvious that different ecommerce platforms have weaknesses and strengths depending on what they are trying to do. When you choose and ecommerce platform for your ecommerce website it should be easy to use and customize. Functions such as product updating, promotions, inventory management are the important features that you should pay more attention to when you think of an ecommerce plat form. SEO functionality of an ecommerce website is also important. You may be selling the finest products in the world but if people cannot find your ecommerce website, how are you going to make sales? Marketing tools such as promotions, coupons and newsletters are important tools for you to run your ecommerce business. Therefore, It is important for you to pay attention on these features when you select your ecommerce platform with your web designer.

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