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Social Media For eCommerce Website Design

by Ricky Taylor / Friday, 07 August 2017 / Published in Web Design
Social Media For ECommerce

Social media is a phrase that you may hear in everywhere these days. People are attached to social media these days. You can see they are among the every layers of society. Not only youngsters but also elderly people, not only rich but also working class people have access to variety of social media sites via their mobile devices. Social media has been widely popular among the businessmen because of their ability to create the attention towards the businesses.

Social Media Marketing is being used rapidly by companies to gain traffic to their websites. For instance, having a Facebook page for your newly started business allows you to navigate customers from Facebook page to your website. This theory goes with the other social media sites as well. Advance features such as shop now which was introduced by Facebook gives you the ability to link your eCommerce shopping cart website to Facebook. Using this new feature, Facebook users can straight go to your eCommerce website.

Social media offers an ability to build a trust and relationship online. This enable businesses to enrich their market indirectly. researchers have been able to find that people often tend to trust the social media sites more than traditional websites. It is because people value the reviews which other people has made about a particular business before they start to trust them.

Social media marketing also helps us with search engine optimisation as well. they could build a number of high quality back links to your website along with blogs. When you have top search engine ranking for your website, it builds number of visitors through major search engines.

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