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Responsive Website And Its Advantages

by Ricky Taylor / Saturday, 18 November 2017 / Published in Responsive Design
Responsive Website Design

Surfing the Internet using mobile devices has become really popular among today's younger generation. Some of them stay online all 24/7. Responsive websites will adjust the content of the websites according the different screen sizes. This will give maximum user friendliness to the users.

At Best Cheap Web Design, we offer cheap web designs with responsive layouts. It is really happy to say that we work hard in the designing and development process to achieve maximum responsiveness with your website. Being cheap web designers in north England, we are proud to say that we provide responsive layout facility even to ecommerce websites as well. Main screen resolution sizes that we target are 320x480, 360x640, 768x1024, 800x1280, 900x1280, 1280x600, 1920x900.

There could be number of reasons for you to have your website responsive to mobile devices. One of the most important reason is increasing number of mobile device users in the world. User experiences and user friendliness play a significant role in web browsing. Browsing a website with a laptop or PC is much more easier comparing to a smart phone or tablet as these devices have comparatively small screen sizes. It is therefore a huge responsibility of the web developer to increase user friendliness by removing readability issues, enlarging tabs and buttons, increasing the text size. As cheap web designers in north England, Best Cheap Web Design takes care of above mentioned every single issues very deeply.

Let us discuss the points behind high recommendation for businesses go with responsive web designs from conventional website layouts. This is often the primary question that is majorly being asked by most of the business owners when consulting with web developing companies. By making your website match with different screen sizes, you have the ability to get more traffic into the website That increasing use of web has multiplied the kind of platform web is being browsed. If a website is not going to be responsive it will lose a considerable amount of customers and sales.

A recent study done by Google shows that 52% of users are unlikely to engage with a business that has non mobile friendly website. Having a responsive website means that your website responds or adjust accordingly to the size of the screen of whatever device people are using to view it. You need responsive website as more and more people uses mobile devices to visit websites. There were 120 million owners of smart phones and 50 million owners of tablets in 2012. One is three minutes spend online is now spend beyond the pc. As of December 2012, 27% of total web traffic came from mobile devices. It is estimated that 16% growth in mobile users in every year.

So if you do not have a mobile friendly website, a growing number of mobile users, or your potential customers will simply bounce off from your website. A Google study shows that 62% of companies reported an increase in sales after designing a mobile friendly responsive website. People have tend to buy product and services with their mobile devices. Mobile ecommerce has spreading the world over at dramatic speed. It is estimated at the end of 2017 mobile ecommerce will generate 108 billion US dollars. If you really need a good mobile responsive website, we Best Cheap Website Design as one of the cheapest web designers in north England could help you materialised your dream.

One of the problems you probably have is not knowing where to start. Web design is too technical for you. And no one is explaining anything about any of these or may be the price of the web designers you are talking to could be too high. At Best Cheap Web Design, we develop and design websites for cheap prices. it is high time to go with the right provider. We can design and develop your website based on responsive web design architecture that automatically adjust to the size of your viewers screen.

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