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Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

by Ricky Taylor / Friday, 11 November 2016 / Published in Responsive Website
Responsive eCommerce Websites

Now you might have seen in the news that Google has stated all ecommerce website to be responsive and this is just because of so many people are using mobile devices. Google want ecommerce websites to be squeezed into the size of small screen when people reading the context of those ecommerce websites to give the best possible user experience.

On responsive websites customers have the ability of getting the information they need without zooming. There is not horizontal scrolling on mobile devices if a website is responsive. Therefore customers will only be having vertical scrolling which enables them to see the content of the entire website by scrolling up or down on their mobile devices. If you are running an ecommerce website, it is really essential to check the availability of the ecommerce functions on the responsive layout because on some responsive designs the availability of some functions are limited.

There is another significant point why you need to think of moving towards a responsive design. When Google chooses all the elements of your shopping cart website, they have a very smart algorithm which enables them to filter out to get the best website out of million other websites. Recently Google has decided to take mobile or smart phone friendliness into account for ranking your website among their indexes. And this means that if your ecommerce website is not mobile friendly, it is going to be less likely to appear in the top of the Google and get those organic traffics. The reason for this type of an arrangement is that Google wants to give their customers the best possible user experience. So that the customers of Google will come back and search on their search engine relentlessly. What this means to us? If you are running an ecommerce website, people are going to be out there searching for your business on the mobile devices. Therefore, you need to have a mobile friendly ecommerce website to give the maximum user friendliness to your customers and also having mobile friendliness on your website will immensely help your website to come up in the Google . So people can check your prices, get through your cart and buy your products. So that you can increase your sales. We already know that there is a huge opportunity with ecommerce marketing and the ecommerce trend have gone up day by day.

With the rapid advancements on mobile device, everybody has no other options than using them. Most of them use their mobile devices to shop online to buy the products and services they need. Responsive eCommerce website designing are becoming more popular among people because they getting all of the information scaling into the screen sizes of their mobile devices. By having a responsive ecommerce website, your online business is going to be engaging with those mobile users. Therefore, the best practice would be to have a responsive ecommerce website that scale to tablets, mobile devices and computer desktops. This will makes it really easy for customers to do their shopping with your ecommerce website. As a result of this, you can draw mobile device users to increase sale of your ecommerce website.

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