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by Ricky Taylor / Friday, 20 October 2017 / Published in Web Design
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Single page websites are cost effective web solutions for your business. But at the same time, it might not be the perfect platform for you to create huge amount of traffic. On the other hand, search engine optimization is also challenging with one page website. There are many reasons behind this. Therefore, I thought it would be really good to bring it over here and discuss more about one page search engine optimization.

Keyword Limitation

On a single page website, content is very limited. Therefore, you can only target only handful amount of keywords. Since on a single page website, there is one page, you can only target one key phrase. But there are instances where this theory can be changed. It will also depend on the tallent of the search engine optimization company. WordPress SEO plugins such as yoast now has the ability of targeting multiple keywords for a page. When it come to keywords, it is really essential to maintain the densities. Without maintaining the required keyword densities, search engine crawlers would not be able to identify the keyword relevancy for a page. But on one page website, as there is only one page, the content length is limited as well as the keywords.

Less Pages Less Number of Indexes

Unlike on multiple page website, there is only one URL on a single page website. Which means in other words, there is only one index that a search engine can do. No matter whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, it is one URL to be indexed, then there is one URL record about that website in the search engine databases. This is not good a good thing if you are looking for some decent amount of traffic.

Higher Loading Time Kills You

Higher loading time of a one page website will affect negatively on SEO. There could be many reasons especially for one page website to have a higher loading time. Vidoes, high resolution images, graphics and text on a single page would definitely make that page load slower. Optimization of images can be achieved via simple online image optimization tools such as optimizilla or if you are using WordPress EWWW image optimizer will be a good example for image optimization plugin in WordPress. Therefore, try to optimize your images, videos as well as texts if you are aiming at faster loading time.

Lack of Links

Links play a huge role on SEO as well as the Keywords. On one page website, there is only one page you have. You can only put handful of links on there. Therefore, Search engine crawlers or spiders do not have very broad scope to follow through the links. This will hinder the chances for search engine crawlers and reduce the ability of your web page being found.

There are solutions to above mentioned problems. In the anchor navigation, you can add CSS links. Use as much as keywords on these CSS links. That way you can increase the number of keywords as well as the links on keywords as well.

To increase the number of indexes for search engines, you can create a blog section for your website. This will increase the number of indexes as well as the usage of keywords. There is one such good example I can show you. This is a one page website and the company owners came to our sister company for SEO. As we did such a fantastic job on there search engine optimization. This website, Seva Wellness Massage Therapy Surrey is now ranked on Google as well as many of the other search engines.

As you can see we have created a blog section with some rich content in it. Each of these blog pages target specific keywords. Each blog page has been optimized for a particular keyword. In that way, we have not only increased the number of indexes but also the keyword densities.

We have also used advanced SEO techniques such as schema tags, Facebook open graph and twitter cards. These are also pretty good strategies in one page search engine optimization. Search engine optimization for a one page website is considerably harder than a multiple page website. But if you use better strategies and tactics then you will be able to achieve best results in your rankings.

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