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How to Identify the Security Patches of Magento Ecommerce Platform

by Ricky Taylor / Friday, 21 April 2017 / Published in Ecommerce Web Design

Magento ecommerce platform is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world due to advance features in its administrator panel and front end. The more business owners use it, more people tend to buy things on Magento based ecommerce websites. The more people buy things, more people try to seek the vulnerabilities of magneto to misuse them. Therefore, It is critically important for you to pay your attention on securing your ecommerce store because a single mistake could lead to catastrophic devastation. There were serious of attacks happened over the last few years to exploit Magento based ecommerce shops. Among them, Credit Card Hijack, Ransomware, GuruInc JavaScript were very popular. On here I would like to pay your attention of some of these vulnerabilities and security patches issues by Magento.

Credit Card Hijack

Hijackers inject malicious code in Magento so that they can reveal sensitive data such as credit card credentials. The main idea of this type of an attack is to capture credit card details before they get encrypted. Hijacker first inject the malware to user's browser and allow it to run on the browser. When the user types in the credit card details to purchase something on Magneto site, Malware grab the card unencrypted card details and send them to so called command and control servers. These are the servers which hackers use to collect these types of sensitive information.

Ransomware in Magento

Ransomware which targets Magento ecommerce shops encrypt all files in the Magento ecommerce shop and request a ransom in order to give you back the access to your ecommerce shop. On this type of a attack, site owners will be asked to give money or pay Bitcoin to get all the encrypted files back to normal.

GuruInc JavaScript

GuruInc JavaScript was first detected on a Magento store on October 2015. On here Hackers inject JavaScript codes targeting Magento headers. Worst case of this is every single visitors who visit the site inadvertently install this malware to their browser and later on, Hackers can expose sensitive credentials of these users.

Shoplift Bug

This was first detected in a Magento store in January 2015. Shoplift Bug allow hackers to take the full control over Magento stores using remote code execution mode. Both enterprise edition and community edition is vulnerable to shoplift bug if the Magento security patch-5344 is not installed.

Admin Discloser Issue

To gain the backend access or remote code execution, hackers need to know the admin URL. Therefore, it is wise not use default Magento admin URL which is /admin. You must try as hard as possible to change the URL to which is something unique to you. You can easily do this by login to server via FTP. When Magento back end URL is discovered by the hackers, they try to crack the password and the username using brute force attack and then they look for other available vulnerabilities. This type of a security issue can be patched by Magento security patch-5995.

Session Control Attacks

Sometimes, hackers try to control the customers sessions. When a customer opens a Magento shop on his or her browser, a session is started. These sessions can be hacked and exploited over so many vulnerabilities in order to misuse a Magento shop. Security patch 6482 and Security patch 6285 block hackers doing so by patching these session vulnerabilities. To increase the security of the site, it is really important for you to patch all the vulnerabilities and keep your site up to date with the security patches. Installing third party protection such as site lock or site shield will provide the ability for your ecommerce shop to block the dangerous malware codes at the door. This will immensely help you to increase your site security. Scanning your ecommerce site regularly to detect your own site vulnerabilities is critically important so that you can patch them as soon as you detect them.

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