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Launching A New Website Without Badly Effecting Your Business

by Ricky Taylor / Monday, 08 January 2017 / Published in Ecommerce Website
Launch a New Website

SEO ranking of the current website is a critically important factor for your business. If your current website is already receiving some traffic. Changing the website without effecting the existing ranking is a must. No matter the new design of your business website look extremely attractive with nice images, colourful sliders and new other tricks to attract more and more customers, if you do not plan ahead with the SEO, you have a higher possibility to lose existing ranking on Google. This article is all about launching your new site without losing the existing ranking.

Use 301 redirection

New URL is going to be the starting of the problem. They will create a confusion not only for Google but also for your customers. If your old website has more pages and search engines have indexed them, it is going to be an absolute chaos for search engines to understand that you have changed your URL. You might be showing your new website to your friends and family, asking their opinions, they might be appraising the look of your new website. Do not forget to show it to search engines too. Redirect old URL to new URL using 301 redirection. Therefore search engines will know that you are no longer using old URL. In Google webmaster tool, Google has given this facility of redirection.

Never Go Offline

Some of the web developers upload under construction page as soon as you give them your new website to be designed. So until they design and finish their work, not only Google but your customers could see this under construction web page. This is a very bad practice. Never ever let anyone take your side down for a long period or put an under construction page for hours. There is a reason for this. When Google visit your website and try to crawl through it, if there is no website available, Google will quickly remove indexing of your website. All the efforts that you put towards onsite and offsite SEO will be gone in a blink of an eye. Therefore, your old website should not go off line in any case.

Compare Keywords

When you change the content of your website, it effects search engine ranking a lot. Keyword density, text arrangement of the new website is going to be much more different than the old website. Therefore it is better to do a research of the keywords for the old website before you go ahead putting content to the new website. It is a good practise to compare the keyword density of both old and new websites. If you found significant differences among the keywords then, it would be better to adjust them to match with the old site keywords.

Optimise the navigation of new website

It is really necessary for us to have search engine optimised URLs. Linking structure of your website must be clear and accurate. It is a good practice to put text links in the home page to navigate to all other pages. Home page is the page which should contain more inbound and out bound links of your website. Therefore it is always good to have clear links.

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