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How To Finish Web Design Projects On Time

by Ricky Taylor / Wednesday, 13 June 2018 / Published in Website Design
How To Finish Web Design Projects On Time

As a leading and reputable web design company in UK, we are more concern about the deadline of a website design project. At the beginning, there are many factors to consider when we giving a project completion date for our customers. For example, if you want to design a custom website, which uses raw coding and develop the website from the scratch, obviously it takes more time. But, if you wish to use a readymade templates such as WordPress, HTML, Joomla or Magento, our web designers will be able finish the website much quicker. Normally, our web design turnaround time is up to 7 working days if we use templates.

But, still the turnaround time can be changed due to many reasons. Most of them are from customers side. As sometimes customers would not provide the website content, images or some documents which we need in the process of web designing. Therefore, Best Cheap Web Design company Birmingham has come up with a solution to avoid mis communication and conflict.

We use our seven phase web design process to begin with. It help both our customers and web designers to stay on the top of everything. From start to finish, our seven phase website design process has worked out well.

Information Gathering

Information gathering process may look simple, this the most crucial part of the web designing. We gather all the information regarding your business and your goals. In here we also discuss about target audience, the purpose of the website and what is the ultimate goal of the website with our customers. This process will give our website designers a clear idea about your web design project and it will also help to design a quality website. Instead of walking in the dark, our web designers and developers can use the information to design a more useful website for our clients to meet the purpose.

Planning for a Quality Website

The planning stage is the step that we discuss about the domain name, the website content, keywords and the type of website platform that we are going to use. Apart from that we also look for the images, and a color theme. Then we outline the basic web design layout and prior to designing the website.

Design and Development

In this phase, Best Cheap Web Design Team will design the website layout and start develop the website on the platform. Sometimes, we will have to edit the codes to meet our customer special requirements. And we will arrange the website content, images and other functions and features which are required by the customer. And more importantly, we will achieve the responsive layout of the website at this stage. All of the design and development will be carried out at this time and this is the longest step of our our 7 phase web design process.

Content Arrangement

Content arrangement is another important part of the designing process. Since we provide free SEO with all of our web design packages, at this stage we optimize the content for search engines. For example, arranging the content of the website for titles, increase the key word density, and add meta descriptions and title for the web pages.
The other special part of this step is to optimize the conversion rate. What that means, if you have arrange your website content properly, that could turn website visitors to actual customers. Therefore, Best Cheap Web Designers focus on the conversion optimisation at this phase.

Testing Process

Most of the error checking will be done here. For a instant, coding, cross browser compatibility, CSS and JavaScript errors will be identified. And our experienced web designers will fix them in order to run the website smoothly. The most important part is checking the database connection. Once we fixed all the issues at this stage, then we will move to the next phase.


At deployment step, Best Cheap Web Designers will launch the website. Then the final testing will be carried out.


The last phase is finalizing the website. Tuning the website and editing the content if you need. Once is the website is finalize, we will hand it out to our customers.

To speed up the process of the website design and development, the 7 phase web design process help us a lot. And this way there will not be any confusion or misunderstanding between the customer and the professional web designers. On the other hand, we can save time and minimize the rework. In the process of development, we will show the progress of the website to our clients and can make any adjustments if needed. By following our 7 phase web design process helps us to complete the web design project on time and make our customers happy. That is one of the reasons that Best Cheap Web Designers have become a leading web design company in Birmingham.

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