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How To Get More Facebook Likes

by Ricky Taylor / Monday, 04 December 2017 / Published in Social Media
How To Get More Facebook Likes

Business owners have a common question regarding their facebook page. And that is how a facebook page could be published to get more likes. Therefore, we came up with the idea of publishing a blog post regarding this matter.

First and foremost, you need to understand there is no point of buying Facebook Followers. It sounds like a spam and it has the highest unprofessionalism attached with it. This will not help you to build your sales at all. You need to think about the ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal of having a Facebook fan page is to promote your products and services to your followers. There is absolutely no point of having so many “likes” on your Facebook fan page, if you are not getting any sales out of that.

The easiest people that you can promote your business to are the people who have connected with you in the past. You might be having there contact details or you might have provided them an excellent service of yours and they might have had your contact details. All you need to do is, rebuild the connection with them and encourage them to like your Facebook fan page.

Unlike fake likes, your customers will be invaluable for you on your Facebook fan page. They will write good reviews, comments about your business which will create a good impression on other visitors to your page.

One of the best practices is, you can directly ask them. Like in other cases, you have to raise your voice to get some benefits. If you do not ask them, then they might not know about you having a Facebook fan page. After you provide your products or services, it is always good to mention about the Facebook Fan page where they can log in and express their feedback.

Although emailing is a better way to reach many people at once, emailing people asking them to like your facebook page is an unacceptable behaviour. Because, they might get little annoyed to see that kinds of a direct email. On here, as a strategy, you can design your email footer with a simple link like “Follow us On Facebook” which will directly navigate them to your fan page once they click it.

Keep your fan page live. Some of the customers will ask queries about your business. Try as hard as you can to reply them very quickly. Short response time will create a good image in your customers mind about your business. Try to reply to some important comments as well. Information about special offers and funding will clearly play a huge role in getting attention towards your Facebook Fan page. You could also put some other important information about your business in the Facebook Fan page. This gives you the ability to navigate customers who asks more details by telling them “It is on our Facebook Fan page”.

Your first circle of network should be your family and friends. Your employee’s friends and family will be the next. You can ask these people to write good reviews about your business which could critically important to build a good reputation about your business. Facebook has inbuilt invite function which enables users to invite their friends to like a fan page. This feature will dramatically help to increase the members of your network.

Nowadays, people love to view photos and videos. Most of the people do not really like to read a whole bunch of text rather than watching a video or viewing a photo. Therefore, it is important to make a little extra effort to make videos and take pictures. People love to share videos or photos. This will enhance the ability of promoting your Facebook Fan page. Do not try to create anything which looks like a spam. Try as hard as you can to keep your page rich with up-to-date information and provide people a genuine reason to visit your page.

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