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Ecommerce Website Design Aspects

by Ricky Taylor / Friday, 07 October 2016 / Published in Ecommerce Web Design
Ecommerce Web Design Aspects

To understand the fundamental concepts of ecommerce, we need to know more about the background of ecommerce. E-commerce, as the word imply, there are two words in it. The " E" stand for electronic and commerce basically describe the concept of trading. Trading could be exchange of goods and services with the payments of them involve money. To set up a ecommerce website, you need few basic requirements. Your ultimate goal is to have someone visit to your website and have them purchase some product, services or event which in the end enables the ecommerce system to deposit the money for that transaction.

Responsive ecommerce website

By putting the word responsive here, I have highlighted the importance of having a responsive ecommerce website rather than an old days website. With the increase of the mobile users it becomes really essential for you to design your ecommerce website with maximum user friendliness and responsiveness to mobile devices. This will enormously help you to have a higher conversion rates. There are platforms such as Magento, Shopify or Woo-commerce to help you design your ecommerce website. But before choosing the right platform for you, you need to think of what you need from them and what your ultimate target is.

SSL certificate

This is what encrypt personal data and make your website safer for your customers to provide you their credit card numbers. Setting up an SSL certificate is actually quite complicated. But once you learn the steps of doing it , you will find it extremely easy. You will have to use the SSL certificate in order to convince customers that your ecommerce website is a safer site for them to use. Otherwise they will bounce off from your website which will hugely effect for the conversion rate of your ecommerce website.

Payment Gateway

This is the service that takes your customers credit cards information and pull funds from them. It is the payment gateway who decide to either approve the card or decline. For security reasons, Only qualified companies are given this access and that is what the payment gateway is for. Once the purchase has been approved and the funds are withdrawn from the card, they need to place into your merchant account. this is a special account for the business owners for the purpose of receiving funds like this. After a couple of days these funds can be transferred to your bank account.


We always recommend beginners to start with PayPal. PayPal is simple and it is easy to use. There is no set up fees or there is no monthly cost for PayPal and the only cost you have is roughly the per transaction fee which is about 4%. PayPal can be integrated with any website and they use SSL certificate so that the security is verified.

Social Media Interaction

Social media interaction plays a huge role in modern day ecommerce website design. Web designers must have an ability to positively integrate all kinds of major social media website into the ecommerce website that they design. This practice will bring enormous amount of traffic which leads to the success of the ecommerce website. The main things to choose someone who can help you with all of the above mentioned services are ease of use and low fees. Web designers these days charge huge amount of money to develop shopping cart ecommerce websites. But at Intrango web design, you can get all these above services done for affordable prices. We have been developing ecommerce websites at cheap prices for more than five years now.

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