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Ecommerce Website and Business - 2

by Ricky Taylor / Sunday, 26 November 2017 / Published in eCommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Website for business 2

In first section we have discussed few important tips to improve conversion rate for your ecommerce website. Not only that but also there are few more very important tips we are going to discuss in this section. And this is very useful for ecommerce website designers to design and quality ecommerce website which can bring more traffic to business.

Security seals

In ecommerce website we have to use payment gate way and we are dealing with online transactions. Therefore, your ecommerce website should have a security seal from a well-known ecommerce website security provider and should clearly show the seal in the ecommerce website. When people visit your ecommerce website, they can purchase your product or service using their cards and complete the payment without a doubt. So, knowing that they are safe in your ecommerce website, they will return to your ecommerce website buy and it will lead to improve your sales.

Return and Guarantee Policy

It is important your customers to know your return and guarantee policy as they buy it online. As when you buy using ecommerce website, your customers are not able to see the product, so, they might want to return the product. In this case it helps them to build a good relationship with you and your ecommerce website. Therefore, make sure you include clear return and guarantee policy in your ecommerce website where they can find easily.

Add a "search" function

When customers visit your ecommerce website, it would be easy if it has a search function. So, your ecommerce website customers are able to search something quickly in your ecommerce website without wasting their time. If you do not have a search button they will leave your ecommerce website without putting any effort. This will provide poor customer experience and low sales.

Image and Product Description

In your ecommerce website you should be able to include high resolution images and a full description of the product. Your ecommerce website customers would like to know more about the product. And you could make a huge difference by adding a video. Clear description will also help for ecommerce website SEO.

Easy Checkout Step

After adding products to the basket the last step is the checkout section. If your ecommerce website has a complicated checkout your customers will fed up and give up the transaction. So, designing simple checkout process will give user friendly experience for ecommerce website customers will improve your conversion rate. And if you can include multi payment option such as PayPal and card payment will guarantee to give customer multiple options to do the transaction.

Sales , Specials and Offers

In your ecommerce website you should clearly show the promotions, sales, clearances and discount. It is even better if you can add separate page for offers or for sales. And when you design ecommerce website, make sure you add tags such as “sale”, “special”. By adding limited offers will grab ecommerce website customers attention and it will increase more sales. And giving first visitors discount can value your ecommerce website customers and it will help to increase online sales. We hope now you have a basic idea how to increase your sales when you designing ecommerce website. If you follow those tips to develop your ecommerce website, it is guaranteed that your conversion rate dramatically.

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