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Increase The Conversion Rate For Ecommerce Website

by Ricky Taylor / Friday, 05 May 2017 / Published in eCommerce Design
Conversion Rate For Ecommerce Website

There are five fundamental key elements that you need to pay attention to when you think about increasing the conversion rate for your ecommerce website.

  • One Page Checkouts
  • Add To Cart Buttons
  • Pictures
  • Trust Seals
  • Free Shipping

One Page Checkouts

Most of you must be having one page checkouts by now. If you do not have it, it is critically important to have it because it gives users the ability to checkout faster and easier. Platforms such as Magento, Shopify and PrestaShop do have add-ons which enables one page checkouts. These one pages checkouts for ecommerce shops are more powerful and faster. Instead of having multiple steps to place an order, One step checkouts allow customers to checkout effortlessly in just one step. Most of these one step checkout add-ons come with attractive colours and can be integrated with the world's most popular payment methods such as PayPal, PayPal Pro, Sage Pay Pro,, WorldPay, 2checkout and so on. These third party add-ons are fully responsive flat designs which enables maximum user friendliness in most type of mobile devices. They also have one click to login facility which enables customers to login via Facebook, Google, Yahoo, twitter and many other social media accounts. Features such as gift messages, Gift wrap, delivery time and survey features are also supported.

Add To Cart Buttons

Add to cart buttons make a big difference in shopping experience of your customers. Researchers have found that different add to cart type of buttons provide different experiences to the user. Add to cart button will provide the ability for users to add the item they need straight to the cart while browsing the other product. This is the similar sort of experience the users have when they go to a shopping mall. People go along the isles and grab the items they need and add them to the shopping cart. Functionality of a add to cart button is exactly the same like that. Having add to cart button with Ajax functions avoid users navigating to the shopping cart page every single time when they add an item to the cart.


To maintain the attractiveness of your ecommerce web store, you must aim to add high quality images. Quality of the images and numbers of monthly sales are positively co-related each other. Therefore, it is really wise to use high quality images.

Trust Seals

As a business owner, you might be using the best ecommerce platform. But your conversion rate could be very low. Sometimes, you must have noticed that your customers are bouncing off from your website even after adding items to shopping cart and visiting the checkout page. As a mechanism of building trust in your customers mind, you can add a couple of trust seals to your website which could help a lot to build trust between you and your customers. Adding trust seals to the home page of the website will generate a positive impression about your site and displaying them on the cart page will reduce cart abandonment up to 90%. During the first couple of months after adding Trust seals, you will be able to see distinct increase in sales.

Free Shipping

Among the key aspects of increasing conversion rate of an ecommerce web store, free shipping plays a huge role. Most of the customers add cheap products to their shopping carts to get the advantage of the price. Most of them prefer online shopping because of the affordable prices than the conventional stores on the streets. But when they come to check out page and realized that the shipping cost is considerable amount on the top of what they have spend on purchasing your items, they tend to abandon to shopping cart. This situation hugely effects on your sales and your competitors often have the chance of winning the hearts of your customers if their provide free shipping facility on their stores.

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