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The Best Social Media Platform For My Business

by Ricky Taylor / Sunday, 09 October 2017 / Published in Social Media
Best Social Media Platforms

When we consider the best social media platform for any of the businesses, the type of the business is an important factor because different social media work for different type of businesses. Another question that our customers often ask is " how many social media platforms should I use to run my business? Answer to this type of a question is quite clear: it depends on how many social media platforms you can effectively manage to promote your business website or ecommerce website.
The key success of the social media is communication with your customers. Starting conversation with your customers on social media websites will immensely help your customers to clarify the doubts and questions that they have . Even three way conversation can be confusing, so our advice is to oncentrate on one social media at the beginning of your ecommerce marketing and own it.

Images can bring an enormous difference to your ecommerce website. It is one of the best ways for your customers to fallen in love with your ecommerce website. In order to achieve success, you should have high quality, high resolution, suitable and clear images ready for your ecommerce website. If you wish to have your own images to be uploaded into your ecommerce website, you should seek assistance from a professional photographer to create your own images. On the other hand you could simply buy high quality images which suite your ecommerce website from commercial image store sites at significantly low price. Quality images can drive in more attention from customers and it will pave the way for generating more sales via your ecommerce website.
It will take 20 - 30 hours per week to manage the social media sites properly. So best option is to choose one or two. You and your customers might need some time to become familiar with it and you will have to answer the questions your customers raise over the social media networking sites.

Each social media has its own benefits. It really depends on what you are trying to sell or achieve. When you choose social media, you should be considering whether you are selling directly to other businesses or you are selling it to the public. You should be looking at your customers age and you should be able to understand what is your market force like. We suggest the Facebook because it is very popular. One out of thirteen people have a Facebook account and 50% of them log into their account every single day. So Facebook is a quite good option and it does very well for the businesses which are selling products directly to public such as clothing, restaurant and retail.

YouTube is another very good option because it is just like TV and it is cheaper. It is free to upload video clips to YouTube and you only need to pay for advertising if you think that is necessary. YouTube has an option where customers can upload commercials. Comparing to the Facebook, advertising on YouTube has less competition to promote your business website. Since people now a days like to watch rather than reading something, YouTube has an ability of growing fast among the other social media platforms. But the main disadvantage of using YouTube is , it does not really touch the every single layer of the society. Researchers have found that younger generation have a higher trend of using YouTube than elderly people. Therefore, paying your attention to your target market is a must prior to planning strategies for marketing on any social media platforms.

LinkedIn is the king of your business marketing. It is really owned demographics and does a very good job at it. It is a lot easier to market directly to your prospect because you will be able to search by job title. It is just really crucial that your LinkedIn page has a profession presence, correct spellings and has contact information.
Therefore, It is totally depends on your business type, your target market and how much time you can dedicate to manage social media effectively. If you are at the beginning of your business, We would suggest to start with one social media network whichever is suitable for your business and you should have enough time to manage it efficiently and effectively. From then on you will be able to increase both your social media platforms and attention of your customers.

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